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Botanical Flower Preservation Masterclass

Botanical Flower Preservation Masterclass

Explore the beauty of resin art at this unique online masterclass  with Sheri Vegas and learn resin flower casting techniques with real flowers!

This masterclass has been designed to give you the opportunity to master multiple techniques, mediums and materials, and to discover and build upon your ability to create beautiful botanical resin pieces.

Over 7 modules , we'll delve into multiple processes from start to finish, on how to create stunning and unique pieces using different methods. Secret techniques Sheri has never taught before and developed over years of trial and error 

5 Modules

Botanical Flower Preservation Module 1 Safety and Equipment

Welcome to Module 1 of 7 

Botanical Flower Preservation 

Safety and Equipment 

Botanical Flower Preservation - Module 2 - How to preserve fresh flowers

Module 2  Drying fresh flowers the right way to preserve colour and shape 

Botanical Flower Preservation - Module 3- The Correct Resins

The very best resins to use to avoid yellowing and bubbles in your artworks 

Botanical Floral Preservation - Module 4- How To Cast Flowers In Resin Module 5- Using a pressure pot

Module 4- All the steps and tips to correctly cast flowers in resin successfully 

Module 5- Using a pressure pot 

Botanical Floral Preservation - Module 6 - De-Moulding Module 7- How To Top Coat and Finish Your Art pieces

Module 6 - De-Moulding  

Module 7- How To Top Coat and Finish Your Art pieces 

Modules for this masterclass 5
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