Welcome to  Everything Resin Masterclasses Beginners To Intermediate and Crystal Inspired Geode 

All Masterclasses are Self-paced so you can watch your favourite modules over and over ... 

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Resin Art Beginners To Intermediate Masterclasses By Sheri Vegas

Self Paced so you can watch your favorite modules over and over again

These Resin Art Masterclasses  Are  For You If...

If you have no experience but are an art enthusiast, looking for something fun to do. 

If you have worked with resin before and looking to take your knowledge to the next level and develop new techniques.

If you are a passionate artist who is looking for additional art practices. 

If you have attended one of my in-person workshops or watched my youtube tutorials and want to extend your knowledge

What Is The Value & Benefits Of Doing This Online Course For You?

Gain expert knowledge from a professional resin artist that you can't get anywhere else

Save yourself from making  beginner errors and wasting expensive resin 

Learn a new skill and make your own artworks for yourself and friends and family 

7 modules in each Masterclass 

Online Masterclass 1 - Resin Art Beginners to Intermediate 

1. Safety when working with resin
2. Tools & equipment 
3. Types of Resin
4. Dirty Pour
5. Direct Pour 
6. Swipe Method 
7. Double Layering & Creating Cells

Online Masterclass 2 - Crystal Inspired Geodes

1. All Products needed 

2. Create Agate Resin Serving Board

3.Crystal Agate Slice Board 

4. Create Agate Slice Clear 

5. LearnMold Making 

6. Experience Casting with Resin 

7. Everything Large Geode 

In-depth Everything Resin Series Masterclasses. Everything you need to know about Resin Art before getting started and beyond and so much more. 

Reviews: Thank you so much the course is amazing and so helpful I played around this morning with some scrap wood and then took on my first big project of a tabletop for my kids that was so ruined we were going to throw it out Thank you again I have wanted to do this for years and over the last 2 years seriously looked into it but didn’t k ow where to start so thank you so much for your course and helping me to do it all .. Kylie 

Thank you so much for making the course! I’ll make sure to tag you and suggest people to do the course if they ever ask where I learned my tricks from ahhaha ... Brooke 

The videos are brilliant and I am so appreciating the way you teach and your pace - finally feel a bit more comfortable with resin (also - your work is incredible )... Emma 

A Little About Sheri 

Sheri Vegas is a fulltime Australian Brisbane based abstract artist specializing in Resin Art and Flow Acrylic Painting.

Sheri has always had a passion for art since she was young and has received multiple arts and creative design awards.

She is passionate about sharing her love for resin art and has created this beginner to Intermediate resin art masterclass, so you can also develop your own passion for this unique art form.

Sheri is also a Youtube Artist with a large engaged following of over 100,000 and currently teaches workshops all around the world. 

Available Masterclasses

Resin Art Beginner To Intermediate

After you have created an account just move to the first lesson in subscriber hub and enjoy!

In-depth Everything Resin Series Masterclass. Everything you need to know about Resin Art before getting started and so much more. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you

Sheri x

Crystal Inspired Geode Resin Masterclass Beginner to Advanced

After you have created an account just move to the first lesson in the subscriber hub and enjoy!

In-depth Crystal Inspired Geode Resin Masterclass. Everything you need to know about Crystal Geodes before getting started and so much more. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you

Sheri x

Botanical Flower Preservation Masterclass

What you'll learn 

Explore the beauty of resin art at this unique online masterclass with Sheri Vegas and learn resin flower casting techniques with real flowers!

This masterclass has been designed to give you the opportunity to master multiple techniques, mediums and materials, and to discover and build upon your ability to create beautiful botanical resin pieces.

Over 6 modules , we'll delve into multiple processes from start to finish, on how to create stunning and unique pieces using different methods.

We'll cover various fresh flower preserving techniques, creating multilayers with resin, moulds and supplies, casting, sanding, use of pressure pots, polishing and so much more!

1- Safety and Supplies 

2- The right way to preserve fresh flowers 

3- Correct resins to use 

4- How to cast flowers in resin 

5- How to use a pressure pot 

6- How to top coat and finish pieces 

On Trend Jesmonite Homewares Online Tutorial ( Supplies Kit Supplied Australia ONLY)

Sheri Vegas is the known as the resin expert on youtube with her channel having a whopping 150, 000 followers.  

The Terrazzo style has taking over the interior Design world and is all the rage in homewares. Learn how to make your very own custom terrazzo coaster set in this hands on online workshop. 

Your teacher Sheri Vegas has worked with all different types of Resin for many years and in this workshop she will show you how you can achieve stylish terrazzo homewares using acrylic resins to make 4 custom Terazzo coasters 

Jesmonite ( acrylic resin) has become the go to material for artists and creatives around the world with an eco-friendly resin making it the greener solution.

Sheri first begins with a quick introduction and understanding of the Jesmonite materials that will be used and the variations techniques that can be created plus Sheri also gives a hands on demo of making the actual Jesmonite pieces. 

Next, we will go into detail over the steps of making your one of a kind set of terrazzo coasters. 
The Theory behind this art process. Understanding the product, pigments and techniques
The making process:

1. Choosing your pigments 
2. Crafting your moulds 
3. Different techniques adding and making the flakes, the swirl, and the break technique 
3. Mix and Pour
4. Sanding and Seal 

In this workshop we will guide you through all the steps to make your chosen Jesmonite homeware item. Jesmonite is a gypsum and acrylic based material, which is solvent-free and has no VOC's and is often called an eco resin.

Plus Supply Kit Supplied Australia ONLY

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